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Please note: the LSI offices will be closed from December 24, 2020 through January 4, 2021. 

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December 2020  

A Letter from the President

I hope this email finds you well and safe.  

The great news is that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is approved and rolled out and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is in front of the FDA for approval.  There are several other vaccines in development.  The most important question - are any of these vaccines safe for people with lupus?  

Dr. Katz wrote an article on that for us - you can see it in this newsletter and on our website here.

And Dr. Hassan from RUSH presented on "Getting to Know COVID-19 from a Socially Safe Distance" at the 4th Annual RUSH Lupus Clinic & LSI Educational event on December 5, 2020.  Dr. Hassan's presentation was one of 4 topics that day.  The events were recorded and you can see the presentations below, on our website or our YouTube page.

We are only able to provide these free educational events thanks to the generosity of our donors and sponsors.  

With the vaccine development, I think it's safe to say that 2020 is going out on a high note.  I'm very glad that it is coming to an end and looking forward to seeing everyone at events that are bound to happen.

Great signs that life is returning to normal are the upcoming Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle and Chicago Marathon.  LSI has teams in both again this year!

You can see below for more information or email mary@lupusil.org.

Both of these events are fun and inspiring ways to increase awareness about lupus.  Our teams always consist of warm and wonderful people on a mission to increase lupus awareness and raise funds for the LSI.  

We also want to thank the LSI Associate Board for their commitment to our mission and their successful restaurant fundraisers on December 4th and 6th.  What a caring and generous group - we are lucky to have you!

As you plan your end of year giving, we ask that you remember LSI.

Together we make a difference.

Mary Dollear

Should People with Lupus Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
By Dr. Robert Katz

On December 11, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued the first emergency use authorization (EUA) for a vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) 



Sign up for AmazonSmile and LSI gets donations for your purchases through Amazon!  Find out more by clicking on the image above.


4th Annual Rush Lupus Clinic & LSI Patient Education Event
December 5, 2020

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 4th Annual Rush Lupus Clinic & LSI Patient Education Event!  This year's event was virtual and the presentations were recorded.  You can view the topics on our website.

Dr. Hassan

Getting to Know COVID-19 from a Socially Safe Distance

Dr. Khandelwal

Osteoporosis & Lupus


Dr. Arora

Healthy Eating including Supplement & Lupus

Rush Lupus Clinic Team

Rush Lupus Clinic Team Panel Discussion


Bank of America
Chicago Marathon

LSI has your guaranteed spot!

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is back in 2021!  Get your guaranteed spot for this amazing event now!

LSI offers runners support every step of the way.  

Find out more here or call Mary at 312-648-6053.

Bank of America
Shamrock Shuffle

LSI has discounted spots for our team!  Join Lupus Charity Runners and you get $5 off the registration fee!  Fundraising minimum is $350 - and LSI makes that easy!

Find out more here.



The LSI has led the lupus community through the COVID-19 crisis by providing expert educational information and providing factual information, including hosting 3 COVID-19 & the Lupus Community Web meetings with leading lupus doctors. You can watch the educational event below and the COVID-19 webpage here.

Click the image to access the Web Meeting with Dr. Ramsey-Goldman

Click the image to access the Web Meeting with Dr. Jolly

Click the image to access the Web Meeting with Dr. Katz


Team Gayla's Gang

Fatigue & Lupus

A major problem for people living with lupus is fatigue – chronic debilitating fatigue that significantly decreases quality of life and increases the risk of work disability.

How does someone manage fatigue?  Finding strategies that work for you and for lupus patients in general is the purpose of the Lupus Intervention Fatigue Trial (LIFT).  


312-542-0002 | info@lupusil.org 
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