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May 2022 

A Letter from the President

There's a LOT happening at the Lupus Society of Illinois! 

We have added 2 more Lupus Educational events: The Spanish Language Educational Event on June 21st and the Discover A Different Treatment for Lupus Nephritis webinar on July 28th.

Like all of our educational events, these are FREE and open to the public! Find listings of all of our educational events here.

Thanks to everyone who made Lupus Awareness Month a great success!  If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to check out the video Lupus Fact of the Day!  You can access the videos on all of our social media platforms including YouTube.

This year, we've invited you to publicly thank the health care professionals in your life that have made a difference.  

Complete this form and we will send the individual you are recognizing an official thank you from the LSI.  You can send a note anonymously or personalized.  Donations are welcome but not required.

Read below for new ways we're celebrating Lupus Awareness Month.

Our Illinois Lupus Walks are coming up!  the date for the Southern Suburbs Walk has been announced - July 30th!  The Western Suburbs Walk is set for August 13th and the Chicago Walk & Fun Run is on September 18th.

Our Illinois Lupus Walks keep our mission funded!  We couldn't provide educational events without the success of the Walks.  We have a GREAT line-up of educational events - be sure to check them out and register!

And we are grateful for YOUR support as well.

Together we make a difference.


What Should People with Lupus...

Know About COVID-19 Treatments?

In those who become infected with COVID-19, treatments are now available. All treatments are more effective if given as soon as possible after a positive COVID-19 test. Since the Omicron variant is milder, these drugs should be administered to only those who are highly vulnerable or who appear to be getting quite sick.



John Martínez es Enfermero Registrado 

La Sociedad de Lupus de Illinois te puede ayudar
21 junio 2022  |   6:00—8:00 PM

Presentado por John Martinez M.Ed, BSN, RN
Casa Michoacán, 1638 S. Blue Island Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60608

¿Qué pasa dentro del cuerpo cuando padece de lupus eritematoso sistémico y nefritis en el lupus?

Habrá tiempo para responder a sus preguntas.

Alvin F. Wells, MD

Bringing the Fight to Lupus Nephritis
Thursday, July 28, 2022  |  6:00pm - 7:00pm
Presented by:  Dr. Alvin F. Wells

Lupus Nephritis is a disease involving inflammation of the kidneys caused by systemic lupus erythematosus  (SLE).  In lupus nephritis, the kidneys cannot function properly to remove waste from the blood and control the amount of fluids in the body.

Ben Small, M.D.

Lupus, Anxiety & Depression 
Thursday, October 13, 2022 | 6:30pm
Presented by Dr. Ben Small

Most people with lupus report symptoms of depression and anxiety. Some studies report rates of depression and anxiety twice as high in people with lupus as compared to the general population.  

Join us for this important presentation.

Alexandra Katz Small, M.D.

Lupus & Fibromyalgia 
Thursday, November 10, 2022
Presented by Dr. Alexandra Katz Small

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that can occur alone or secondary to connective tissue disorders such as lupus. Studies suggest that about 25% of people who have lupus also have fibromyalgia.  It is important for people who have lupus to learn about fibromyalgia because symptoms of both conditions can be similar, but the treatments are different. 




Click image to watch a Lupus Warrior Story featuring Dr. Zineb Aouhab!


Here are some of the messages celebrating health care professionals!

I would like to express gratitude to my rheumatology team at Northwestern. Dr. Rosalind Ramsey-Goldman, MD and Patricia Murphy, MSN, CNP, CNM helped me to come a long way since my near-death lupus flare in 2006. 


Dr. Jolly I thank God that I have you for my rheumatologist. You literally saved my life

one more...

Dr. Weckerle gave me my life back. She goes above and beyond and has truly made a huge difference in my life. Thank you for making this difficult illness more tolerable. 

There's still time to celebrate YOUR health care professional or team!



Lupus…My Story – May 2022
By Kanefus Walker

It was in the latter part of 2008 going into 2009 that I found my body was going through a thing. Nothing I had ever remember experiencing. Joints swollen, body hurting and stiff daily. These symptoms seemed to last so long, that at one point, feeling this way had become a part of my daily life. I didn’t know what it was to feel “normal.”

Read Full Story

Celebrate Lupus Awareness Month - share your story!

Kendra Scott Shopping Event!

Thanks to everyone who shopped in-store & online at Kendra Scott for the Lupus Awareness Month Shopping Event!

Fact of the Day - VIDEO EDITION!

This year, learn about lupus - and meet lupus champions in the process!  We've asked some of our greatest volunteers to read a lupus fact of the day and share some of their lupus expeirences with us!

Videos are posted daily to social media.

More Lupus Awareness Month 

Download flyers, get ideas and more! Check out our web page.


Southern Suburbs Lupus Walk &
Cruisin' for Lupus

July 30, 2022
Prairie State College
9:00am - Fun Begins

2022 Western Suburbs Lupus Walk
August 13, 2022
Naperville Riverwalk, Grand Pavilion
9:00am – Registration Begins
10:00am – Walk Steps Off

2022 Chicago Illinois Lupus Walk
& Fun Run

September 18, 2022
Rowing Lagoon – Lincoln Park
8:30am – Registration Begins
10:00am – Walk Steps Off

Lupus Walk season has officially begun!  And we want you to join us - safely.

Here at Lupus Society of Illinois, our number one priority is to keep our employees, volunteers, and community safe.  For the last two years, we have hosted webinars and virtual activities.  We are excited to host LIVE Lupus Walk events!

And now we'd like to invite you, your families, and network of friends and colleagues to join in some fun and creativity by building your own personal fundraising pages for the Illinois Lupus Walks. 

Funds raised at the Lupus Walks go directly toward LSI's mission - like our upcoming Educational Events!



Are you running the
Bank of America Chicago Marathon?

Lupus Charity Runners!

Since 2007, LSI has had a team in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  We are so proud of our runners and honored by the runners who have joined our team over and over again!  

If you have a spot in the race, join Lupus Charity Runners and get ALL of the benefits with NO fundraising minimum!

When you run for Lupus Charity Runners, we are with you every step of the way!  Team members get:

  • Training to help you complete the Bank of America Chicago Marathon safely!
  • 2 tickets to the pre-marathon pasta party!  
  • LSI Water Bottle + goodies! 
  • Lupus Charity Runner singlet! 
  • Additional fundraising incentives for exceeding your goal! 
  • Receive personalized fundraising webpage to help you reach your fundraising goal!
  • LCR fundraising guide, creative tips and one-on-one assistance to help you reach your goal! 
  • Exhilaration of doing good for others while doing well for yourself! 


Don't miss this opportunity to leave your footprint on the 2022 Lupus Walks!

Here at LSI we are getting excited for the 2022 WALKS!!! We are looking for volunteers to join our walk committees. We will have a South suburban, Naperville, and Chicago walk. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Lisa at lisa@lupusil.org or 312-542-0006. Together we can make a difference. #lupus #lupusawareness #LSIcommunity #joinacommittee #💜


New Year Support Group Meeting Dates Listed

Ever thought of joining a Lupus Support Group?  Start planning now!  Groups are virtual and some meet in person.  Our Support Group Leaders are Lupus Warriors.

Please contact Lisa at lisa@lupusil.org or 312-542-0006 to find the group that best fits your schedule. Click here for a link to LSI's volunteer run Support Groups!


The LSI has led the lupus community through the COVID-19 crisis by providing expert educational information and providing factual information, including hosting 3 COVID-19 & the Lupus Community Web meetings with leading lupus doctors. You can watch the educational event below and the COVID-19 webpage here.

Click the image to access the Web Meeting with Dr. Ramsey-Goldman

Click the image to access the Web Meeting with Dr. Jolly

Click the image to access the Web Meeting with Dr. Katz


Team Gayla's Gang

Fatigue & Lupus

A major problem for people living with lupus is fatigue – chronic debilitating fatigue that significantly decreases quality of life and increases the risk of work disability.

How does someone manage fatigue?  Finding strategies that work for you and for lupus patients in general is the purpose of the Lupus Intervention Fatigue Trial (LIFT).  


312-542-0002 | info@lupusil.org 
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