A Letter from the President

Dear Friend,

It looks like summer is finally here!  We hope you are enjoying the nice weather (when we get it!).  

We have some exciting news!  Our CANTV program has 2 new episodes!  Dr. Robert Katz is the medical expert for both episodes and Dr. Shirley Brummell talks about her experiences as a lupus patient in the episode centered on treatments and our own CEO Charles Brummell talks about caregiving.  Our goal for these programs is to make topics conversational and down-to-earth.  We hope you enjoy them.  Suggestions for topics and guests are welcome!  Send me an email or contact me at 312-648-6053.

Thanks to Dr. Karen Mancera-Cuevas and Dr. Patricia Canessa for working so hard on our Spanish Language Educational Event – Viviendo Con Lupus on June 12th.  Reaching the Spanish language community is so important to our mission and Patricia and Karen are two of our greatest allies.  You can view the slides from Dr. Mancera-Cuevas’s presentation here

Two of our four Illinois Lupus Walks are coming up!  The Western Suburbs Lupus Walk is on August 10th in Naperville and the Chicago Walk & Fun Run is September 22nd in Lincoln Park.  LSI’s Lupus Walks are a great way to network with others in the lupus community and learn more about lupus.  To find out why they are so important, read the Southern Suburbs Lupus Walk Ambassador Story here.  

Our Lupus Charity Runner team is up and running and we have a new eNewsletter just for athletes!  Now you can find out more about how to use your sweat equity to raise funds and awareness for lupus!  Check out the latest newsletter here and contact Liz Guzman, Special Event Manager, for more information.

Finally, we want to thank all of the volunteers who made Lupus Awareness Month such a success!  You can read highlights from the month here.
Even though we celebrate Lupus Awareness Month in May, we can take opportunities to increase lupus awareness every month.  Some of our volunteers do that already – hosting events or volunteering at health fairs. Send us your thoughts and activities – we will support you any way we can!

We hope to see you at an event coming up soon! 

Together, we make a difference!

Mary Dollear, President, Lupus Society of Illinois

June 2019

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The Lupus Society of Illinois will be closed on July 4th & 5th in observance of Independence Day.

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Team Gayla's Gang

Fatigue & Lupus

A major problem for people living with lupus is fatigue – chronic debilitating fatigue that significantly decreases quality of life and increases the risk of work disability.

How does someone manage fatigue?  Finding strategies that work for you and for lupus patients in general is the purpose of the Lupus Intervention Fatigue Trial (LIFT).  

Lupus & Pregnancy

Lupus in pregnancy is a great question. Women with lupus thinking about having a baby will have additional concerns. The Lupus Community Navigator received a question about lupus and pregnancy and we reached out to Dr. Rosalind Ramsey-Goldman, MD, DrPH, Solovy/Arthritis Research Society Research Professor at Northwestern Medicine to answer the questions.

Viviendo Con Lupus
(Spanish Language Educational Event)

Lupus Awareness Month 2019

Thanks to everyone for making Lupus Awareness Month a BIG success!  And it's still going strong!  We have events coming up and opportunities to join!  Post your photos to social media with #LAM2019LSI or email mary@lupusil.org with details on how you're celebrating Lupus Awareness! 

Team Gayla's Gang

Southern Suburbs Walk Ambassadors
Jenny Finley & Mike Rakoczy

Gayla’s Gang is the name of the team Jennifer Finley and Michael Rakoczy formed in memory of their mother. Every year since 2008, the family has come together to remember and celebrate the family matriarch, Gayla Rakoczy.

2019 Southern Suburbs Walk Photos

How much fun with the Southern Suburbs Lupus Walk?

Take a look at the photos!

LSI started a program on CANTV.  CAN TV is an independent nonprofit established in 1983 as the public’s space on cable television free of commercials, filters, and censors.

There are 5 local channels for metro chicago 19, 21, 27, 36 & 42.  Or you can watch episodes on our YouTube channel.

CANTV - Caregivers

Watch as Dr. Robert Katz and Charles Brummell talk with Mary about caregiver issues.

CAN TV Program - Treatments

Watch as Dr. Robert Katz and Rev. Dr. Shirley Brummell talk with Mary about lupus and treatments.

New Support Group!

Lupus Support Groups are a great way to learn more about lupus and build your lupus network! 

Find out about the New Lupus Spoons Support Group here. click below for a list of all support groups! 

March with the Hazel Crest Support Group on the 4th of July!

Looking to celebrate the 4th of July? Join KK and her Hazel Crest Support Group as they march in the HOMEWOOD 4th of July Parade! 

Volunteer Driven Events!

The Lupus Society of Illinois (LSI) welcomes and encourages businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor Third Party Fundraisers—events or promotions that financially support the LSI, but are planned and funded by a source other than the LSI.​​

See a list of upcoming volunteer driven events!

We've Got Your Back!

Running the Chicago Marathon?  Join Lupus Charity Runners!  We have an outstanding program that gets you across the finish line WHILE raising awareness about lupus!  Find out more about our team by contacting Liz at liz@lupusil.org or call her at 312-542-0006.


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